Sustainable Resources Management Journal



volume 1-2016

Volume 1-2016

Volume 2 issue 4-2017

Special issue dedicated to the first international scientific Conference-Al-Kitab University College

volume 1-2017

Volume 2 issue 1-2017

Volume 2 issue 5-2017

Volume 2 issue 2-2017

Volume 2 issue 6-2017

Volume 2 issue 3-2017

Volume 2 issue 7-2017

Volume 2 issue 8-2017

Archive Issue 7, 2017 (Accepted under publication )

Article: Socio-economic benefits of community participation in wildlife management


Authors: Weston D. Sakala and Stephania Moyo

Archive Issue 8, 2017 (Accepted under publication )

Article: Recycling Paper Waste for Sustainable Sugar Production / Kirkuk-Iraq


Authors: Asal Aziz Tawfeeq and Mohammad Aljaradin

Sustainable Resources Management Journal

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