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Special issue dedicated to the first international scientific Conference-Al-Kitab University College

Archive Volume 3 Issue 3, 2018 (Accepted)

Article: The relation between karst Terrains and rising of ground water level in the vicinity of Hadith Dam area/Iraq


Authors: Amera I. Hussain; Othman M. Dawood and Tareq F. Muhammad

Article: The Devastation of Petroleum Quality Because of the Effect of Rain Water Percolation through the Fractures in Hemrin Oilfield, Northern Iraq.


Sabbar Abdullah Saleh, Sameer Shakir Abbas Al Fahdawi, Faraj Ahmed Sulaiman

Article: Using GIS Techniques for Mapping the Pollution of Particulate Materials in Kirkuk


Sabah H. Ali, Mohamed A. Najemaden, Rehab T. Ahmed


Article: The Environmental Impact Effect of Discharged Liquid Waste at the Tigris River Water Quality – Mosul-Iraq.


Ibrahim Omar Saeed, Mahmood I Al-Jubory, Shababa Abdaltif bahjat, Nawaf Younis Ali




Article: Design and Simulation of a Predictive System to Determine the Basic Factors of Solar Cells Using Neural Networks


Omer Khalil Ahmed, Raid W. Daoud, Sameer Algburi



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