Sustainable Resources Management Journal

ISSN 2002-6145

Editorial Board


Professor (Ass.) Mohammad Aljaradin

Editor in chief


Professor (Ass.) Raed Bashitialshaaer

Editor (Water Reuse and Desalination)


Professor (Ass.) Sameer Algburi

Editor (Energy and Hydropower)


MSc. (Eng.) Ata Rafiee

Reviewer (Waste and Health risk assessment)


MSc. (Eng.) Domingos Lusitâneo Pier Macuvele

Reviewer (Materials and Biomaterials)



Advisory Board


Professor Tabas Dapas, USA.


Professor Sandipt Mali, UK.


Professor Hyder Tai, Iraq.


Professor Galal Osman, Germany.


Professor (Ass.) Sameer Algburi, Sweden.






Reviewers and Editors are important to the success of peer-reviewed academic journals. Reviewers are responsible for providing the editors with professional, technical, and unbiased feedback regarding an article in question, while editors are responsible for assigning related reviewers to submitted articles, gathering their feedbacks, and making decisions regarding the articles accordingly.

Editors are often involved in development of editorial policies.

If you are interested in becoming a Reviewer or an Editor for Sustainable Resources Management Journal, please send your CV and whether you would like to serve as a Reviewer or Editor to

Please note that to qualify as a reviewer, you will need to be an experienced researcher in your field with a PhD degree.


Publication progress at SRMJ



Receving the article, generating tracking number

Editorial board



Review by main editor and if successful will proceed to reviewers



Acceptance, Proofreading, typing draft, processing payments




Sustainable Resources Management Journal

Non - profitable entity that offers scientist publishing services in open access, fully refereed journal accepting original and high-quality articles.

The primary aim of the Journal is to raise environmental awareness and provide high-quality information on environment sustainability, energy, waste and water.



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