The Environmental Sustainability Research and Training Program for Researchers, Entrepreneurs, and Engineers in Middle East Countries

Project: Innovative Strategies for Systemic & Resilient Education for Sustainability,

Kurdistan, Iraq


The research activities and training program's overall purpose is to establish a strong research environment team of endogenous experts capable of researching and implementing participative and integrative ways to address public and environmental sustainability problems.


To improve Iraqi universities' knowledge and capability in the field of sustainability, with an emphasis on the environment, as well as to develop and support early-career researchers' research skills and to establishing an inclusive, collaborative, inventive, and engaging network of early career researchers in which everyone may participate in their research, invention, presentation, and interest.


To improve understanding of sustainability and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among researchers and stockholders and assisting in the development of resilient and sustainable societies in the Middle East.


To promote international collaboration between Swedish and Middle Eastern researchers.

Our priorities

Empowering and Capacity Building

Partnership with researchers to empower communities and individuals, improve independence, and provide assistance to those who require it. Endure of sustainable practices for researchers.

Networking and Engagement:

To create an effective and well-connected network for transferring present social systems to more sustainable systems, and to provide an innovative and worldwide platform(ESRTP).


Creating sustainable and resilient pathways to achieve sustainable futures for all.

The Project Plan


Registration & Selection

The candidates will be selected by the project board. The eligibility of the candidates will be decided according to eligibility criteria. 


Training Program


Research Work

The selected participants will undergo an online training program that will be determined prior to the pre-evaluation procedure. Knowledge-based and skills-based learning models. The Training program will contain the following models: 

1. Environmental Sustainability

2. Research to Publication 

The participants will start to design and work with their research articles. The research mentor will be guiding and supporting the participants during performing projects. 


Graduation Workshop

Participants should present their completed projects in an online workshop. The written articles will be assisted by the project board. Selected articles will be considered for publication.

Our members

 We are in a unique position to partner with a reputable global leader to provide our courses.