The Sustainable Resources Management Journal (SRMJ) is an internationally recognized, peer-reviewed, and interdisciplinary biannual publication. Committed to upholding exceptional standards and promoting the dissemination of scientific knowledge, SRMJ warmly welcomes original, high-quality articles spanning a diverse spectrum of scientific research.

Functioning as an intellectual arena, SRMJ serves as a platform for advancing studies related to sustainability and sustainable development. Published under the auspices of the Swedish Center of Science and Education, the journal remains dedicated to fostering sustainability and exploring viable pathways toward a more circular economy, embracing the dimensions of digitalization and technological innovation.

SRMJ actively contributes to raising environmental consciousness, enhancing the understanding of sustainability principles, and catalyzing the implementation of sustainable practices and initiatives. As an open-access publication, SRMJ extends its readership access at no cost, with article processing charges borne by authors or their respective institutions.

We cordially invite authors to contribute their original and consequential research to SRMJ. Our journal publishes an array of scholarly works including original research articles, comprehensive reviews, conference proceedings, insightful literature surveys, and impactful communications. Your contributions serve to enrich the realm of sustainable resources management and further the pursuit of a more sustainable future.


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We are a non-profit organization devoted to fostering sustainability and finding feasible alternatives for the transition to a more circular economy that consider digitalization and technological innovation.