Sustainability Courses

Sustainability - Social media promotion Course

Let thousands of people around the world know about your project

Do you have an interesting sustainability project? Would you like the world to know about it? Share and discuss your project with me and I will make sure to reach out to and excite thousands of people from all around the world.

Save Money and our Planet Course

Do you care about our planet and a healthy environment? If yes, you're exactly right here!

Ideas to live more environmentally friendly

Reducing Waste Course

In this online course, we'll cover the alternatives to get rid of the (plastic) waste that frustrates you so much.
You can use these techniques to stop wasting time scouring the internet for tips.

Sustainability Masterclass Course

  • 55 - 100 min online video conferencing meeting (depending on the number of people/teams)
  • able to consider new and even better solutions to reach your goal
  • more likely to prevent certain issues to occur in the first place
  • able to take new possibilities into account that you never thought of before

Language School

German Course 

We offer a complete German online course for all levels: A1-C2. The courses packages contain:

  • 16-20 weeks of German Lessons
  • 2 x week live lessons
  • learning material
  • community group chat 
  • personal member area with exercises

Spanish Course

Learn Spanish the efficient way with our method that involves:

  1. Understanding the structure, which is the grammar.
  2. Getting all the vocabulary you need through activities tailored to your needs and preferences.
  3. Engaging in real-life conversations with native professional tutors. 

Spanish, Italian and French Course

is a revolutionary language course that enables everyone to learn Italian and become fluent.

This is a proven method and a serious business model. Customers are highly satisfied and that is why we have basically no returns yet.


You will find out in the Busy Linguist Bible:

  • How to learn effectively any language with the Busy Linguist Method!

  • How to learn with only 15-30 minutes a day

  • Unleash your inner motivation and find out my tips and tricks for consistent progress!

  • Create your own individual language learning plan according to your schedule and needs!

Business School 

Digistore24 Academy training course

What you will learn from this course: We will teach you, from the ground up, the very foundations of creating a powerful online business.

  1. How to build a list You won't find a more valuable asset than this. Email lists make you money. Period. We teach you how to build them.
  2. How to make money as an affiliate: This powerful business model is scalable, nimble, and requires very little investment to get profitable. We will teach you how to be a master affiliate.
  3. How to scale an online business: Making money online is likely the easiest part of the whole equation. The REAL money is all about how well you can scale your business and we'll show you how it's done.

Agile and Scrum Masterclass training course

Agile and Scrum Masterclass is the Ultimate training with practical examples. It is a step-by-step guide for organizations and Agile and Scrum practitioners. It is for Product Owners and Scrum Masters and for anyone who wants to put in place Agile and Scrum practices.

Digital Entrepreneur Bootcamp training course

  • Learn How You Can Build a Super Profitable Online Business Working from Home.
  • Learn how you can Increase Sales of your Digital Product by using Sales Funnels that we will create together.
  • Discover How You Can Upscale & Automate Your Business So You Could Live The Life You Wanted!

YouTube Manifestation training course

YouTube Channel Manifestation teaches how to start, grow, and utilize YouTube from scratch.

How Can You Use YouTube to Market Your Business